Wednesday, April 16, 2008


(Original post date: Wednesday, December 12, 2007)

I got a Nano, I got a Nano... lalalalala....

I love this thing. My sweet and loving husband totally surprised me with it and I just LOVE it. I've spent way too much time organizing my music, and I listen to the thing constantly.

Can you believe iTunes doesn't sell The Matrix? Bummer.

In any case, my techno-envy has been abated. I am happy and satisfied and trying not to damage my eardrums. I'm also trying not to sing along by accident... particularly when I'm singing pretty much any song by Violent Femmes during my planning period in school. Yeah. That'd be just wrong.

Confession: I have purchased a Justin Timberlake song (Sexy Back) and I am loving listening to it. Again, not something I need to be singing in my classroom.

Meanwhile, I alphabetized all of the songs in my iTunes library, which contains Josh's music, too, and then cracked myself up reading the titles conversationally.

An example:

Ain't it fun.

Ain't love strange.

Ain't no right.

Ain't talking 'bout love.

Ain't that a shame.

All dressed up.

All mixed up.

All my friends.

All my love.

All or nothin'.

All over but the crying.

All the small things.

All the wrong reasons.

Go ahead, look at your own library. Check out "don't," "I" and all its variants, "they," and "you." They're particularly conversational.

Well, I thought it was amusing. So I'm a freak. So what? I amuse myself. But what does that make you if you're taking the time to sit and read this nonsense? Loser. Go away.


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